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The Tale of AntBuddy

"Elevating care - Maximizing sales."

We offer a complete solution for your upcoming customer care platform.

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Process of formation

AntBuddy was established on February 27, 2017, to build a customer base, starting with a unified multichannel customer care tool.

AntBuddy acts as an intermediary that transforms clients' customer care ideas, implements designs tailored for customers, enabling them to provide excellent customer service to consumers, especially in the retail chain sector.


AntBuddy holds the belief that a quality product should be capable of being exported

From the very beginning, AntBuddy has considered software exportation as a critical factor for the survival of a product or service.

Along with the Vietnamese market, Myanmar and recently Saudi Arabia have progressively validated our belief.

Vision & Mission

AntBuddy was established with the vision of becoming an essential customer care company for businesses that center their strategies around the customer, particularly in the retail chain sector.

Our mission is to make the customers of your brand feel "CONFIDENT" with the customer service, thereby strengthening their connection to the brand and increasing additional sales.

We believe that customer service will increasingly become a core development strategy for businesses. AntBuddy aims to provide the best customer tool at an affordable price, widely adaptable to the Vietnamese market, and swiftly deployable to clients nationwide and for export.


AntBuddy's Core Values

Customers are at the center

Born from the customers, for the customers, serving the customers.

Quality is the foundation of development

Always striving to enhance professionalism and service quality.

Mastering core technology

Continuously learning to effectively implement core technologies in communication, data, and automation.

Discipline is strength

Consistently striving to uphold commitments to customers and teammates.

AntBuddy way of working

High speed, High quality

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Development journey

From the idea of a unified multichannel customer communication to a comprehensive customer solution

Unified multichannel customer care

Unified multichannel customer care with four steps

Customer survey

Multi-platform customer experience survey

Customer engagement

Segmenting customers, pursuing them, and increasing upsell revenue.

WebRTC Cloud Call Center

Building a Cloud-based call center system using WebRTC technology

Call Center, Multichannel conversations

Call Center solution, Integrated multichannel conversations with other business platforms

Retail Call Center

Retail Call Center unifying branches and headquarters with a Mobile application


Automation applying AI technologies LLM, RAG, and RPA.

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