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Call Center AntRING

Best practice for business call-center customer support


Trusted by large retail chains


Outstanding features

Brand call
Increase recognition by displaying the BRAND NAME when calling from the Call Center
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Mobile switchboard
The Call-Center operates on a cloud computing platform, accessible to end users solely through a mobile application
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Smart routing
Interactive voice greetings facilitate efficient call routing to agents
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Integration of API system
AntRing swiftly integrates cross-platform Click-to-call or webhooks with CRM, Workspace, POS, Ticket, and other platforms
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Call quality management
Provides in-depth call analytics for each customer
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Stable, easy to use, easy to expand
The AntRing switchboard system features a user-friendly interface and offers the flexibility to scale as per business requirements

Provide customer care anytime, anywhere with AntBuddy Mobile

  • Display comprehensive 360-degree customer information

  • Powerful Push Notifications - never miss a call

  • Receive and make calls through the hotline, take notes, create service tickets, and conduct sales campaigns

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And more stable with the AntBuddy Desktop App

The Callbar application enhances call quality and operates across multiple platforms, including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS

Optimize operations

Enables businesses to effortlessly oversee centralized and distributed store operations or while mobile, and monitor call quality in real time


Intuitive drag and drop setup

Quick customization with drag-and-drop call script setup

  • Set up call scripts with simple drag-and-drop functionality

  • Set up call ringing by queue, group, or individual user

  • Personalize call recording settings

  • Set up voicemail and call forwarding to mobile

  • Adjust callback settings flexibly

  • Define clear KPIs

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And comprehensive Call-Center reporting

A real-time observation dashboard with complete parameters and summary tables tailored to business needs, establishing clear SLA and KPI indicators to provide businesses with a transparent understanding of their Call Center's customer care performance

Call Center AntRING integrates AI technology

Integrated with AntBOT voice for translating voice recordings, recognizing intonation, executing automatic call-out campaigns, identifying marked sounds, and supporting major languages for LLM and GenAI


Other support features


Multi-layer security

  • SSO login supports integration with Microsoft AD and Google, with optional additions

  • Features two-factor authentication (2FA) and one-time password (OTP) for enhanced security

  • Employs SSL encryption for secure connections


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Commonly asked questions

Does AntRing Call Center support integration?

AntRing provides Restful APIs to query call history, record, and report Call Center.

What do businesses need to prepare?

All a business needs is very simple, including:

1. Laptop & headset or mobile app.

2. Change the number to Antbuddy

3. Configure call script

What is brand call?

When you make a call the client side displays the BRAND NAME instead of the phone number.

​Does AntRing support video calls?

AntRing enables Web-based video calls and mobile app integration using WebRTC technology, offering robust and comprehensive video recording capabilities.

Please get in touch with us for guidance on utilizing this feature.

Does AntRing support automatic calling?

Yes, AntRing offers automatic call support to agents or campaigns through AntBOT voice.

Does AntRing provide an SDK?

Incorporate calling functionalities into your app with an SDK compatible with React Native, Flutter, JavaScript, and more.

Please reach out for a consultation on this service.

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