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Customer support platform  for retail chains

Elevating care - Maximizing sales

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Featured brands

Empowering retail excellence with our advanced customer support platform

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 Customer care

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Omnichannel conversation

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Customer engagement

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Retail call center

Enhance business value through customer optimization

Integrate interactive data, categorize data segments, and tailor the customer experience

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Comprehensive customer support solution for the retail sector

The next of your business's customer care software

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Superior omnichannel customer care 

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Engage customers across multiple touchpoints

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Enhance opportunities for upselling across multiple platforms

Leverage the power of strategic upselling by focusing on customer service

Capture all possible upselling opportunities
Integrating data to uphold a complete 360-degree view of the customer, executing anticipatory customer support, and perfecting the skill of attentively listening to our clientele
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Data connection

Integrate data across enterprise platforms including ERP, POS, E-commerce, and Call Centers

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360 degree profile

Gain thorough customer insights with our 360-degree profiles

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Customer care

Resolve issues swiftly with our ticketing system, ensuring seamless coordination between departments

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Customer survey

Conduct customer surveys across diverse platforms to gather feedback

Optimize Omnichannel with 4 steps of Support Antbuddy's process
Why do customers choose AntBuddy?




The implementation of the Antbuddy Omnichannel Retail platform, alongside the integration of Call Center and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) modules with ordering systems across Point of Sale (POS), web, and mobile applications, facilitates the operation of E-commerce across the entire store chain. This strategic deployment enhances both the average order value and the customer lifetime value.

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