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Enhancing customer service excellence by seamlessly integrating data across multiple platforms using the Ring API suite to optimize interactions at every touchpoint.

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Combine data sources

Facilitates integration with various platforms for data synchronization and interaction, constructing comprehensive customer profiles

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Enables seamless capture of customer data from e-commerce websites, enhancing marketing insights and personalized customer experiences
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Facilitates the synchronization of order details, product quantities, and merchandise data from ERP systems
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Enables comprehensive data capture from customer applications on diverse platforms like iOS and Android, optimizing app performance and enhancing user experience
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Enables the synchronization of orders across Point of Sale (POS) systems for more efficient order tracking
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Enables bidirectional synchronization of customer details and data with existing Customer Data Platform (CDP) systems
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Streamlines operational efficiency by seamlessly integrating customer management tasks across diverse platforms, enhancing productivity and decision-making.

Craft a smooth and uninterrupted customer journey

Delivering detailed customer insights during multi-channel consultations, with customer data synchronized from ERP systems, CDP, and additional platforms

Offers data to tailor personalized support

Aids consultants in swiftly understanding customer requirements. Automates the creation of service tickets, orders, etc., streamlining the consulting process for speed and convenience.


Robust and varied reporting infrastructure

Identifies order status, sales potential, and metrics to facilitate real-time management of employee performance.


Through a single straightforward query action

Able to gather all essential details regarding customers and business activities


Security and Management Features

A variety of security measures in place to guarantee the system's efficient functioning


Control request

Efficiently managing request volume within designated timeframes and implementing prioritization or delays safeguards against system overload, ensuring sustained operational effectiveness.


Control rate limit

The data integration system empowers users to set limits on request frequency, preventing excessive API calls and optimizing system performance.


OAuth (2.0) authentication support

Seamless authentication via OAuth (2.0) offers single sign-on integration with Google or Microsoft, streamlining access to desired data with simplified login procedures.

Rapid performance and optimization

Efficiently manage data integration and functionalities from various sources, while optimizing data transmission and reception to ensure high performance

Flexible and rapid deployment

Easily configure RING APIs through a user-friendly interface, and manage seamless updates via CI/CD processes


Enable simultaneous use of multiple care systems through the Antbuddy SDK

Link with alternative customer management platforms, access customer information systems, conduct internal transfers, integrate offline securely, and more.

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