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Customer support software tailored exclusively for the retail sector

Customer support software, designed by consumers for consumers, provides exceptional service in the retail industry.


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Remarkable features

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Customer Data
Integrate comprehensive customer data profiles, categorize, and safeguard customer information based on varying levels of access.
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​Customer experience
Capture customer feedback across various touchpoints, both active and passive, categorized by product, order, geographic location, etc., to swiftly develop market strategies that are immediately relevant.
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Multi-channel conversations
Engage with customers across all major touchpoints, including Call Centers, Facebook, Zalo OA, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc., and provide service at any time and from any location, whether through PC or Mobile Applications.
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Integrating automation, large language models (LLM), interactive customer data, RAG models, and more, AntBot enhances the customer experience and facilitates seamless interaction between humans and machines.
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The Customer Service Department and STORE collaborate to assist customers through both Online and Offline channels using Service Tickets. This includes automatic reminders, interface customization, easy synchronization, and reporting functionalities.
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Call Center
Optimize customer interactions via voice to enhance customer service and expedite order processing in the call center.

Serve customers anywhere they are - Enhancing sales is effortlessly achievable

With 3 main solutions of AntCRM

Unify customer support channels

AntCRM optimizes the multi-channel customer service process through four key stages:

Channel Integration: Centralize all customer communication channels, including Call Centers, Facebook, Zalo OA, WhatsApp, etc., onto a single platform.

Data Integration: Seamlessly link customer information from sources such as Excel, ERP, POS, or E-commerce websites to personalize the customer experience.

Ticket Management: Efficiently log service tickets, coordinate across departments, and uphold service quality commitments for customers.

Feedback Analysis: Gather and analyze customer feedback across various channels, utilizing robust metrics and reports to enhance brand perception


Stay attuned to understand customer needs

Conduct surveys at both active and passive touchpoints to measure CSAT, NPS, and CES.

  • Customizable Templates: Establish survey and customization templates tailored to your business needs.

  • Channel Selection and Scheduling: Choose channels and scheduling options based on customer segments and geographic locations.

  • Real-time Reporting: Access comprehensive reports in real-time to oversee operations and facilitate decision-making


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Seamless integrations facilitate the import and export of data, automatically refreshing and enriching customer information to assist brands in developing valuable data assets.

  • Data from customer interactions is uniformly organized across various platforms, including Facebook Fanpage, Zalo OA, WhatsApp, Instagram, Livechat, Email, and additional channels.

  • Information on customer orders, delivery, warranty, and services is consolidated, enabling brands to provide service that is both convenient and meticulous.

  • Integration with AntCRM is simplified through standard protocols such as Restful API, Excel, and others.

Automate processes with GENAI and RAG

Minimize errors, enhance efficiency, and boost customer satisfaction.

Persistently streamline processes tailored to the customer journey, thereby elevating brand loyalty.

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