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Customer Engagement Solution

Maximize low-cost upselling strategies to cultivate customer loyalty.


Increase Business Value Via Customer Optimization

Incorporate interactive data, classify data segments, and customize the customer experience

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Elevate the Customer Journey

Deliver personalized content to each customer at the right time and through the most suitable channel

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Leverage data from customer baskets to craft promotions, recommend products, target specific geographic regions, and design marketing campaigns, as well as implement tailored upselling strategies, uniquely tailored for different customer segments.

Identify Prospective Clients Through Customer Segmentation

Segmenting customers based on shared attributes such as demographics, behavior, interests, and geographic location enables companies to gain a comprehensive understanding of the preferences and needs of different customer segments. This enables the development of more targeted marketing and service strategies.

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Leveraging Automation Functionalities

Efficiently nurture prospective customers and improve conversion rates through targeted campaigns. Attain consistency in multi-channel sales and consulting processes by employing flexible sales management tools suitable for businesses of all sizes. This aids in streamlining procedures and boosting operational effectiveness.

The Push Notification System Offers Versatility

Facilitates notification flow design and drag-and-drop rule implementation for deliveries.

And The Significant Assistance Of AntBOT

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Automation tools incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) and large language models (LLMs) enable the efficient and seamless automation of conversational customer interactions.

80% of a company's income is generated by 20% of its loyal customers

Numerous Personalizations Available Through The Loyalty Module

Facilitates the accumulation of points for gift redemption, incorporating gamification across web, app, Zalo, and Momo mini-app.

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