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Streamlining Upselling with Antbuddy

How do you finalize sales post data segmentation? How can you synchronize upselling activities throughout the entire system?


Boost upselling revenue for your data pool

Data from sources like CDP, ERP, and Data Warehouse is synchronized to Antbuddy and segmented into various data pools such as membership tier, birthdays, geographical location, order value, etc., and sales are closed using the Antbuddy application.


Standardize operations with a set of sales consultancy questions

Utilize the segmentation tool to pre-segment customer files, enabling consultants to readily understand needs and boost sales closure rates.

Consultants can concentrate on finalizing orders by employing sales scripts directly on the Mobile app, scheduling shifts, synchronizing reports and KPIs, and monitoring real-time sales.


Along with powerful tools to support upselling

Stimulate sales closures by sending promotional codes through ZNS, SMS, or apps.

E-vouchers represent an effective tool enabling consultants to express gratitude and expedite customer decision-making, fostering loyalty.

Refined omnichannel customer care

Reach customers across all touchpoints, ensuring absolute convenience for both customers and consultants.


Enhance Customer Data

Throughout the sales process, leverage support tools such as survey forms, gamification, and messaging boxes.

Utilize customer data to gain insights into customer needs, preferences, and behaviors, thereby enhancing sales quality.

This also facilitates more refined customer care and personalizes the customer experience, enhancing the business's upselling potential.


Provide care anytime, anywhere with the Antbuddy app

Reach customers at the right moment through notifications on the mobile app.

Elevate customer care and build lasting trust by adapting sales and support tools on mobile, providing convenience for consultants.

Efficient Upselling with Two-Way Order Synchronization

Ensure seamless order synchronization between POS, ERP, E-commerce Apps, e-commerce platforms, and the Antbuddy Omnichannel Retail application for swift upselling opportunities.

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