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Gamification Integration

"You have to do your taxes; you have to go to work;and you really should go to the gym. But you never have to play a game, and let’s be honest, oftentimes you shouldn’t."

Yu-Kai Chou, author of Octalysis.
Yet games still manage to attract players to voluntarily participate, sometimes even sacrificing sleep and health.

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Based on the Octalysis framework, which combines behavioral science and game design, transform the user's interaction with the brand into an exciting and engaging experience.

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Attract, engage and retain

Attract new customer groups through gamification marketing.

Create multi-channel campaigns across the web, social media, or even in-store.

Craft an impressive brand experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Foster loyalty through rewards for customers.

Analyze and gain deeper insights into customers through gamification participation.

How it works

"The secret to retaining customers lies in understanding the core motivations that drive human behavior and influence their actions."

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Identify the business goals and customer challenges, listing the key metrics to monitor.

Utilize the Octalysis framework to analyze motivational sources and integrate them into game design. Enhance customer engagement through enjoyable experiences infused with the brand's identity.

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Based on the analytical model, design and integrate the brand's key elements into the player's journey while interacting with the game.

Establish a professional process for handling requests. Provide a customer support team to answer questions and manage in-game information. Optimize brand campaigns to maximize effectiveness.

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A real-time dashboard to monitor and promptly track operational performance. Regular in-depth reports with specific data help the brand clearly understand customer behavior and psychology during the Gamification campaign.

Demo game

Guide all the ants to escape the maze before the water floods in!​

Challenge the player's mental reflexes.


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