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Smart Call Center Solution for Chains

  • Centrally manage all calls, recorded within a single system for easy retrieval and immediate access when needed. Facilitate seamless connectivity and internal call circulation to maintain consistency and coherence in information. Streamline operations to enhance employee efficiency.

  • Connecting and circulating internal calls helps ensure information is consistent and consistent

  • Simplify operations and increase employee efficiency


4 Steps to standardize customer service operation processes


Make a call

Receive and make calls from anywhere using Wifi, 4G/5G, and any mobile device


Pop-up window with customer information

Personalize the customer experience and synchronize information directly on mobile.


Brand voice

Build trust and expand the brand nationwide


Nationwide call center concentration

Retain the phone numbers of retail stores connected to the call center.

Along with advanced features

Complemented by advanced features, numerous utilities synchronize seamlessly with the AntCRM system, forming a comprehensive solution for customer care



Upgrade phone numbers with advisory campaigns when synchronizing information with AntCRM


Zalo OA & Fanpage

Centralize Zalo OA and Fanpage management across platforms with data synchronization


Optimize operations

Bidirectional data synchronization between stores and headquarters, facilitating centralized management and distributed operations

Maximize stability


Maximizing stability on the mobile application, ensuring quick access on mobile devices is a top priority to help stores operate efficiently.

Centralized management, distributed operations

Employees only need to log in with SSO using OAuth2, Office 365, or Gmail. Permissions are assigned based on department, store, store group, etc.


Seamless Integration

Easily integrate Single Sign-On (SSO), SDKs on iOS and Android, and Restful APIs.


Efficient Management

Store and analyze interaction history, including recorded audio.


Intelligent routing

Implement smart routing to stores based on historical data.

Comprehensive, real-time reporting

Real-time information on workload volume for call centers and advisors


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