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Terms of service use

1. Definition
  • “Service” – Antbuddy's CRM and Call Center software, operating under the domain name and related mobile applications.

  • “Antbuddy App” – Official Antbuddy app, downloadable directly from app stores.

  • “Website” – Electronic information page when accessing .

  • “Content” – Images, icons, articles, videos posted on the Website.

  • “Account Owner” – The original registrant or person who holds administrative rights to the account.

  • “Administrator account” – The first account created when registering to use the service on .

  • “You” – The account owner or employee authorized to access the account; Also applies to visitors and information on the website.

  • “Antbuddy” – Antbuddy Joint Stock Company, providing CRM and Call Center services.

  • “Third parties” – Antbuddy customers, partners, suppliers.

  • “Store data” – Electronic data stored and limited access by account set up by the account holder.

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